Netflix ‘Zelda’ series canceled after leak

Netflix 'Zelda' series canceled after leak

In February 2015, The The Wall Street Journal Nintendo has released a statement that will be Work For a production Direct action Owned by “Legend of Zelda” in association with Netflix, it has not yet been released, probably not. According to comedian Adam Conover, a leak from a Netflix employee caused Nintendo to “exit” the project.

This interview was done in an interview Web light The Surf Times 1 கடைசி on the last day. During the conversation, Conover talked about his time in college jokes and revealed what was behind the cancellation. “Zelda“.


Basically, the animated clay skit will connect the characters from college comedy “Zelda”, “Star Fox” and “Fantastic Mr. Fox”. The Project I casually followed, and the creator of “Zelda”, Shigeru Miyamoto, even went to the comedy board and talked about the details.

About a month after the meeting, Conover went with his boss to speculate about the progress of the project, which he quickly tried to break down the bad news.

“Someone on Netflix leaked the ‘thing’ to the ‘Legend of Zelda’. They shouldn’t talk about it. Nintendo went crazy, they closed everything. They closed the whole plan to change these things,” Konover said during the interview.

In an interview with a YouTube channel, Adam Conover revealed a leak that ended the “Zelda” live-action project. Photo: YouTube / Playback

New production of Zelda is not possible

As long as February 2015 has passed, the Nintendoists have given up waiting, accepting the fact that this work is not working. But the revelation that this project is real will definitely hurt the hearts of “Zelda” fans.

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Nintendo is known for not easily “lending” its rights to third parties. For that reason, Netflix buried the idea of ​​producing leaks in practice from employees Direct action Of “Zelda”. According to Konover, the game developer and publisher were still cornered after the event.

If released in 2021, this work will be a great gift for fans as the “Zelda” franchise is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year. Sure, hope dies last, but in this case, restarting Nintendo’s plan is almost impossible – at least not with Netflix.

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