New Allen County COVID-19 regulations to affect bars, restaurants and events

New Allen County COVID-19 regulations to affect bars, restaurants and events

Alan County, Indian. (WPTA21) – Allen County top health officials have announced new COVID-19 restrictions that will affect bars, restaurants and major events.

Allen County Health Commissioner Dr. Matthew Sutter said the state-wide restrictions on communities will be expanded to see the spread of the virus in the community.

“Internally, we call this so red, you have to be at home,” Dr. Sutter said.

“Winter is coming. As we have seen, the virus gets worse during the winter months.”

Here’s what’s changing:

Restrictions for Allen County in the Red Zone

  • Events for more than 100 participants will not be approved by the Allen County Department of Health
    • It has also been extended to sports leagues and tournaments
  • Restaurants and bars operate within 50 percent of the capacity of the home. They are 100 percent capable on the outside.
  • Bars and restaurants are ordered to close from midnight to 5 p.m.
  • No bar seat, salad bars or self-service
  • Gyms run at 50 percent capacity
  • Salons will not be banned as everyone can wear the mask effectively.

These changes will take effect on Sunday, November 22nd.

Dr. Sutter said the current upward trend in Covit-19 cases is what medical experts call rapid growth, meaning that cases double every 7 days if nothing is done.

Last week, the Indian government signed an executive order by Eric Holcomb calling for tougher COVID restrictions on “orange” and “red” districts. COVID map of the state.

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Indiana has an online COVID-19 dashboard Color-coded quality Based on a 7-day positive rate for all trials and weekly cases per 100,000 residents per district.

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Allen County is one of 87 counties in orange, but by Wednesday, Dr. Sutter expects Allen County to be red.

Holcomb said districts in the “orange” zone would be limited to meetings of 50 or fewer people and districts in the “red” zone would be limited to meetings of 25 or fewer people.

Holcomb clarified adding additional restrictions to local district health boards.

Dr. Sutter said his department will not approve meetings or events with more than 250 participants when Allen County returns to the Orange Zone.

A 10-member team from the Allen County Department of Health tries to contact victims every day.

Hospitals have inadequate beds and ventilators, as local authorities have reiterated over the past week. What is the risk to medical staff due to exposures.

“I want to move this curve and give hospitals a fighting opportunity,” Dr. Sutter said.

Alan County’s average daily case count is now more than 400 cases.

As Dr. Sutter says, local hospitals are not overcrowded, but if we do not reduce cases, they will be.

On Tuesday, another 9 Allen County residents lost their lives to the Corona virus novel, and 304 people now have infections.

Allen County now has a total of 14,889 confirmed positive cases and 273 deaths.

The Indiana State Department of Health is expected to release COVID-19 data at noon on Tuesday.

From Monday, November 23, the town of Fort Wayne will close Citizens Square except those considered essential staff. Mayor Tom Henry said most staff will work from home until Jan. 19.

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