New Google Nest Hub experiment not using’Hey Google’ voice hot words

New Google Nest Hub experiment not using'Hey Google' voice hot words

Here’s an interesting experiment that Google starts with on smart displays. It is voice command input without hot word. A video detailing this feature is available on YouTube. Jan Borromeus, Is a Nest Home hacker with a proven track record of evaluating early smart display features before it was announced.

Borromeus Nest Hub Max You are in “Dogfood” mode. In other words, you get an initial private build of the smart display software used only for Google internal use. A special menu called “Dogfood Features” lists the “Blue Steel” features that allow the device to respond to commands. without Be sure to say the “Hey Google” hot word first. Just say the command and it will respond. Boromeusz says the device receives commands after “presence detection”, so when someone is in front of the display it starts answering questions.

Today, Google’s voice command hardware always only receives the “Hey Google” hot word. When detected, it starts processing further commands. Modern implementations use hot words as a cutoff point for connecting to the Internet. “Hey Google” detections are processed locally and everything after that is uploaded, processed and stored on our servers. Hotwords work in the form of consent because it’s annoying not only to upload the next word to the internet, but to make sure your device always listens and responds to all possible things that can be interpreted as commands.

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