New MacBook Pro leaked, Apple reveals exciting update

New MacBook Pro leaked, Apple reveals exciting update

Apple We plan to improve the display for more new products next year. iPad and Macbook pro machine.

The latest details on the use of mini LED screens are provided by renowned industry analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Erik Slivka Report:

Kuo said Epistar is expected to become the exclusive supplier of mini LED chips for Apple products in 2021, but Sanan Optoelectronics has experienced the technology development better than expected and will start supplying to Apple in 2021 than previously anticipated. . 2022.”

Kuo’s estimate is that the previous estimate between 10% and 20% of iPad and MacBook shipments using mini LEDs will increase to 30% to 40% for iPads and 20 to 30% for MacBooks.

The increase in supply does not mean an increase in sales of devices initially expected to be equipped with mini LEDs, but rather the increased adoption of mini LED technology in Apple’s portfolio. Although Apple has endured the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, it is unlikely that sales will skyrocket as consumers and businesses prepare to work with new equipment at home.

More importantly, Apple is playing a general smart play of choosing two vendors for its core technology. By adding a competing factor between the two, Apple has gained two main advantages.

The first is that Apple has a backup option in its supply chain. If one company can’t supply the hardware, the other can afford it, and in 2020 and beyond, supply chain logistics should be a little more lenient. The second is the ability of each company to compete financially to reduce the material costs Apple pays.

And the advantage?

Compared to traditional displays, mini LEDs may have more LED elements, so black becomes blacker, colors become clearer, and contrast is improved. This gives you additional control over what can be displayed on the screen.

Now read about Apple’s plans to get rid of the MacBook’s keyboard.

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