New Mexico introduces free COVID-19 tests at home

New Mexico launches free at-home COVID-19 tests

According to the governor’s office, the progress of the experiment is the result of a public-private partnership between New Mexico and Walt Health.

“We still need a new Mexican to be tested,” said government spokesman Michael Lujan Grisham. “We have worked hard to make testing every day this year quick, easy and accessible to all. From the outset, we made sure that the cost would not be a barrier to the need for the COVID-19 test for the people of New Mexico. The best ways to get New Mexico from ‘red’ to ‘green’ are being tested right now. We can reduce the county’s positive rates, help businesses and workers get back on their feet safely, and keep the new Mexican population healthy. But it all starts with you, and it starts with getting a test. This is a very promising development. ”

Tests will be free regardless of insurance and will then be sent to the lab via prepaid UPS packages.

All that is required is the form of the photo ID, email address and internet connection. Any photo ID whether it was issued by the government or working from work or school. If the website asks for a credit card number, close the browser and try again in incognito browser.

“As more and more new Mexican people are being tested, we can better understand the potential for the virus to spread in our state,” said Human Services Secretary David Scrace. “Every community across New Mexico can fight the virus more effectively when they know where we stand. I hope the new Mexican will use these simple and accessible testing methods – and continue to perform all COVID-safe behaviors in their daily lives.”

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For more information on testing equipment, Click here.

Note: The Governor’s Office said that a technical error on the Vault website was incorrectly asking for credit card information – this glitch has now been fixed. Vault tests are offered at zero cost to all new Mexican people and no need to enter credit card information. If the website asks for your credit card, please close your browser and try again.

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