New Netflix star Bruna Marquezine becomes subject because of Neymar

New Netflix star Bruna Marquezine becomes subject because of Neymar

Bruna Marquezine and Neymar Jr. have been dating for about six years, with ups and downs in the relationship, which lasted from 2012 to 2018. The couple ended in October 2018.

Now, years later, the footballer has apparently unarchived the photos with the Netflix actress on his Instagram and fans are obviously in an uproar.

While some simply celebrated the return of the ‘BruMar’ couple, others have said that everything started to go wrong when the two went their separate ways.

Some also say that Neymar, at no time, did not submit his photos to his ex-girlfriend. Considering we have to ‘scroll’ their Instagram page a lot to get to them, there’s no way to tell if the fans celebrating the couple’s supposed comeback are wrong about the unarchive.

Either way, many seem to share the desire to see Bruna Marquezine and Neymar again together. See one of the photos of the two celebrities together and the fan tweets below.

Netflix announced the Maldives series, starring Manu Gavassi and Bruna Marquezine, who also posted a photo of the cast on social media.

Maldives tells the story of Liz (Bruna Marquezine), a Goian who moves to Rio de Janeiro to investigate the mysterious death of her mother, who died in a fire.

Besides Marquezine and Manu Gavassi, the cast of the Netflix series also includes Carol Castro, Klebber Toledo, Sheron Menezzes, Guilherme Winter, Vanessa Gerbelli, among others.

The photo the actress posted on her Twitter brings a colorful look, with an emphasis on pink and orange.

Additionally, Netflix has released a short video about the series.

This is one of the many projects the world actress and Gavassi have with the streaming platform.

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