New patent reveals that Samsung is making a new smartphone with a scrolling screen-tool

New patent reveals that Samsung is making a new smartphone with a scrolling screen-tool

Over time, we saw the arrival New screen trends in the foldable smartphone landscape: From the challenges of a “shell” design that folds and expands like a book, not forgetting the roll-up scenes. Now, the new patent submitted by Samsung reveals the manufacturer’s potential plans for its next fold.

Patent, submitted March 2020 and Officially released The World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) on January 21 this year unveiled a flexible material roll-up front-facing smartphone model.

The documentation provided by Samsung talks about the integration of the second flexible screen on the back of the devices, though the options are considered in materials such as metal films.

The internal structure of the smartphone has a designed mechanism that allows the screen to roll in and out. When it takes on a very small shape, a portion of the flexible display is stored within the framework. The same type of mechanism is used on the back of the devices

When it comes out, the screen is 30% bigger and according to rumors circulating online, it goes up to 6 to 8 inches. Here, the screen frame is reinforced with a special structure that prevents “teeth” when the display is fully open, as well as prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt.

The fingerprint reader is likely to place more sensors, detailing the equipment that will be under the screen. The patent also indicates that the smartphone will be similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 2 in terms of the configuration of the selfie camera. While on the back, the approach is inspired by the style of the new Galaxy S21.

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Inspired by the information in the document submitted by Samsung to WIPO, The Website LetsGoDigital Created a series of 3D renders to learn more about the look of the smartphone.

It is recalled that in 2019, there were South Korean manufacturersPatented for a smartphone with an expandable screen, Which increases its surface area by about 50% when it is open, and The other is for devices with a “scroll” screen.

Already from Samsung’s plans, LG has taken advantage of it 2021 edition of CES To unveil the teaser of your roll-up smartphone, LG Rollable, Eventually “hidden” Of your press conference.

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