New Pokemon Snap (Switch): Missile confirmed for April 30th

New Pokemon Snap (Switch): Missile confirmed for April 30th

New Pokemon Snap (Switch) was announced last year, but we don’t know when we’ll get the new game On-Rails Pokemon shooting. April 30th release date has been confirmed with the new trailer.

With the trailer, new information and pictures of the game were detailed. The trip will take place in a new region called Lentel, where you, a trusted photographer, will take on the task of photographing Pokemon living in the character of this place. Two new characters, Professor Mirror and his assistant Rita, will lead the task.

Each photo taken will be analyzed by the author, who will give points based on the pose, framing and how big the Pokemon in the photo will be. Inside an automated vehicle called NEO-ONE, the player will be driven to every island in the region to take photos, and along the way he will be able to detect Pokemon with special brightness coming from a new rare event called the Illumina.

In addition, you can change the appearance of your character in the game. During the day there will be a kind of Pokitex listed according to the Pokமொmon recorded in the photo.

The new Pokemon Snapdragon pre-sale is now available. The game is priced at $ 60 Nintendo iShop.

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