New virus test failure in UK found 16,000 more cases

New virus test failure in UK found 16,000 more cases

LONDON (AP) — The UK government has launched an investigation into whether there have been some 16,000 reported cases of novel coronavirus infections due to a technical flaw, which could give critics a new impetus to an outbreak that was easily out of control.

Health Minister Matt Hancock told lawmakers the matter related to “automatic file transfer”. This issue is widely known to be related to the file size limit of Excel spreadsheets used by testing and tracking programs.

“This is a serious problem that is being fully investigated,” Hancock said. “It’s important now that we work together to fix the problem and make sure it doesn’t happen again.”

Hancock’s appearance in the House of Representatives revealed that 15,841 cases of the virus had not been tabulated from September 25th to October 2nd since its weekend release. People who tested positive were told about their condition, but their contacts (potentially around 50,000) were not. We’ve been tracking failures where the virus could flourish

He said 51% of those who tested positive were contacted again, and contact was made shortly thereafter.

Despite the addition of so many new cases, he said the government’s chief healthcare officer “has not changed significantly” his opinion on the UK’s pandemic pathway. Like other countries in Europe, the virus is experiencing a second surge.

Jonathan Ashworth, Hancock’s head of the Labor Party, said the failure showed just how “shattering” the Conservative government’s plan to fight the epidemic and the recent problems plaguing the state’s testing regime “putting life at risk.” said.

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Members of all political parties have accused Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government of lack of testing capacity, which means some people have been asked to travel hundreds of miles for testing, and a delay in reporting test results to people.

The latest issue seems to be caused by the excel file exceeding the maximum during the automated process. This software is a must in the consumer environment, but experts say it has a lot of limitations for use in much larger projects.

Jon Crowcroft, Professor of Communications Systems at the University of Cambridge, said, “As reported, if this is Excel, the limitations are well known in terms of big data in Excel, which is generally very good software.”

For the testing and tracking program to work properly, you should notify your contact person as soon as possible (preferably within a few hours). So, if authorities don’t inform people who are potentially exposed to the virus, more positive cases can arise, and the government needs to impose additional undesired restrictions on daily life in the future.

Ashworth recently accused the government of failing “at one of the most important points of the pandemic”. A contact in a new unreported case makes Blizzard aware of “corona exposure, potentially increasing hospital admissions for this deadly virus and we Is the era in the second wave.”

Ashworth added, “It’s not just confusion. It’s much worse than this. It’s not comforting to say this, but it’s putting your life at risk,” Ashworth added.

Unreported cases were added to the government’s daily total of new infections over the weekend, increasing to 12,872 on Saturdays and 22,961 on Sundays. This compares to an average of 7,000 new cases per day four days ago. The number of reports on Monday fell to 12,594, but considering the adjustments related to the disappearance, it was impossible to determine the trend.

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Paul Hunter, a professor of medicine at the University of East Anglia, said the flaw was “very disappointing.”

“For testing, tracking, and tracking systems to have a real impact in reducing COVID-19 transmission, it is essential to communicate test results quickly.

Like other countries in Europe, the UK has seen an increase in coronavirus infection over the past few weeks, which has led the government to issue a series of restrictions in countries and regions to stop the infection. New rules limit the number of people who can get together and put a curfew at the bar.

The UK has the highest number of virus-related deaths in Europe, with around 42,400. The government’s top scientific advisor warned that two weeks ago, if more restrictions were not given, 50,000 new cases could occur per day by mid-October, killing hundreds of people every day after a month.

The confusion over the number of tests per day adds to the uncertainty about whether the limit works to contain the virus.


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