New Year celebration at home? Free for Metro Lost Lite Redux PC!

New Year celebration at home?  Free for Metro Lost Lite Redux PC!

As the year draws to a close, major online video game stores have decided to share their generosity and offer some good titles to their loyal customers. GOG does not want to be behind, giving Metro: Lost Light Redux in its online store until January 1st.

The current epidemic requires a New Year’s Eve with all possible controls, so it is unlikely you will go to a party or hang out with friends.

If the idea of ​​staying home with family is unbearable, this game is a great refuge for a New Year’s celebration in Moscow.

Metro: Best at Lost Light Redox Saga

In the metro: In the last light you play Soldier Artemis, you are invited to explore the metro system of the Russian capital, where you will encounter clumsy monsters.

The ultimate goal will be to find the “dark ones” who are the descendants of human beings who escaped the nuclear massacre.

This first-person shooter was developed by 4A games and was initially launched in 2013 for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. The Redox version is a remaster for most modern gaming machines such as the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The new version offers better graphics and performance, as well as all the extra content that has been released for the game over the years.

How to download Metro: Last Light Redux for free

  1. Download and install GOG Galaxy 2.0 On your computer
  2. Create an account and sign in
  3. Go to the Shop tab
  4. Click “Complain” in the banner indicating the free offer
  5. The game will be added to your library immediately
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Alternatively, you can visit the GOG page, but since this is a very popular topic especially among PC players, the website faces some technical issues.

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