New York vice-principal angers by shouting’police’ on Facebook Live

New York vice-principal angers by shouting'police' on Facebook Live

Sympathy of A high school In the north New York In a live Facebook video he posted on Friday, he shouted “f — police!”.

Spencer Fort High School’s Steven Lysenko is fierce against police officers targeting protesters in Rochester in this video, which ran a round on social media on Saturday. The city was shaken by nighttime protests in response to recent times. Police body camera video released March arrest of black Daniel Prude, who died of suffocation a week later

Spencer Fort High School in the suburbs of Rochester.

“We did nothing but sing and sing,” Lysenko says in a video clip. “Our peacekeepers sang and sang us and fired pepper spray at us for telling us what they were doing. They can f—- right in America! F — Police. F — Rochester Police Station.”

He ends his diabetes with a relatively calm “thank you”.

The fuss caused by the video prompted Spencerport Central School District to issue a statement that it supports “racial equality and institutional change” but does not allow employees to use offensive language on social media.

“This will be treated as a confidential, personnel matter.” statement.

Rochester Police Injured, 11 Arrested Following 3rd Night’s Protesters: Report

The reactions online were mixed, some called him fired, while others supported the essence of his message.

“You have to be fired. And we shouldn’t do anything with the education of our youth,” wrote one Twitter user for one of Lysenko’s tweets. “You are a shame!”

However, as of Sunday afternoon, more than 3,500 people have signed the petition. Lysenko asked to keep his job.

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“(Lysenko) is giving Spencer Fort students a good example of fighting for what we believe in,” reads the article posted in the petition. “Abusive language is just words and shouldn’t be a reason for dismissal. It’s not a big deal anyway, as we all hear swear words.”

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Lysenko’s social media account is full of posts declaring his support for Black Lives Matter and social justice-related causes.

In a tweet on June 3rd, he wrote: “To past or present students who follow me here:” I am tolerating white supremacy when posting #WhiteLivesMatter. I won’t keep it!”

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