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Having a new TV series, British favorite Teddy Bear Paddington is back on the big screen.

We need happiness, affection and a lot of fun, for that we need Urso Badington. British favorite Teddy Bear returns from the deep jungles of Peru in a third film, confirmation from the producer’s representatives Studioconal.

We can confirm that StudioConnel is committed to producing the third Badminton film with great talent and care as it did in the first and second films.

Both films are a combination of real film and CGI, and they are based on character Urso Badington Created by Michael Bond in the 50s. “Paddington” and “Paddington 2” raised $ 280 and $ 225 million worldwide, respectively. The second film had low revenue in the United States, which was not the case for many sequels, but was the result of the bankruptcy of the then-distributor The Weinstein in 2017. However, adaptations were auctioned off and sent to Warner Bros.

Despite countless expectations The third Paddington film Not much is known about its plot, or even about which actors will be part of the project. Hugh Bonneville (the protagonist of “Downton Abe”) recently gave an interview to BBC Radio 2, which confirmed that there was something for a possible third film, although he was again the lively Henry Brown, “caring father” affectionate and humble bear.

This time Ben Visa Responsible for Pierre Paddington’s voice in films, his role in the new television series “The Adventures of Baddington“, By Chris Drew and Adam Shaw and introduced on British soil in 2020, also account for the production of studiocanal.

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There are also many fans following the series, with its second season opening on February 19 in the United States by Nickelodeon. In other countries, the season debuts in April, but there is still no news of its launch in Portugal.

Trailer for this The second season of “The Adventures of Baddington” Can be found below:

Are you a fan of this bear? The MHD will broadcast live news about the third film and TV series.

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