News for Android: This is what smartphone users can look forward to

News for Android: This is what smartphone users can look forward to
Google has many innovations for Android in a blog post AnnouncedThey will be released to users in the next few weeks and months. We will present this to you in more detail in this article.

1. Additional options with emojis

Since the beginning of 2020, in the “Emoji Kitchen” Android users have had the opportunity to combine emojis and create new stickers. With the latest update to be released in the next few weeks for Android 6.0 and newer, users will have more than 14,000 replacements over the previous several hundred additions to the new stickers. Users must use emoji stickers Gboard application On your smartphone.

2. Extra audio books for the Christmas season

Audiobooks are becoming popular. A problem for users: many books, especially by lesser-known authors, are not yet available as audio books. In collaboration with publishers in the United States and Great Britain, Google Play offers a tool that automatically converts books into audiobooks. The app is currently in beta, but should be available as early as 2021 – but initially only in English.

3. “Voice access” for easy voice control of the smartphone

New version of the app, especially for users with motor disabilities “Voice access“Significantly simplify control of the smartphone via voice input. Users can create so-called labels, for example” Open photos “or” Start search “.” A newer version of “Voice Access” is now available, but is currently only in beta.

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