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NFL Week 11 Choices - ProFootball Doc

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The lead of my two games was in vain.

A pathetic 6-8 performance last week in the straight-up segment went with the MTS 9-5, giving the MDS a game margin of 10 weeks. He took all three games against the spread, 7-6-1 against 4-9-1.

MDS is now 92-57, I 91-58. Against the spread, I still have a good lead at 67-75-4. MDS 58-86-2.

We have disagreed on six games this week. For all selections, scroll down.

Cardinals in Sihak (+3)

M.D.S.: NFC West Race will be wide open, making it the biggest game of the week on Thursday night. I still see the Seahs as favorites, and they will take a big step towards another division title with success.

MTS Exam: Seahawks 35, Cardinals 30.

Example of Florio: The spirit in Seattle is ready. The flesh is increasingly weakened. Arizona won the 12th man’s home last year when there were fans. This year, it will be even easier to pull off. It is not always easy.

Florio’s choice: Cardinals 34, Seahawks 31.

Eagles in the Brown (+3.5)

M.D.S.: The Browns still have a good chance of an AFC wild card in Perth, and they will go one step further by beating the Eagles.

MTS Exam: Browns 24, Eagles 23.

Example of Florio: Torn team for not picking up Carson Vents Now it is very happy.

Florio’s choice: Browns 27, Eagles 20.

Falcons of the Saints (+5)

M.D.S.: It helps to know for sure who starts in the quarterbacks for the Saints, but that’s it James Winston Or Daisy Hill, I hope the strong protection of the saints will lead them to victory.

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MTS Exam: Saints 17, Falcons10.

Example of Florio: Sean Beyton wants a good challenge. There are so many of them this week Drew Breeze Out.

Florio’s choice: Saints 28, Falcons20.

Bengalis in Washington (+1)

M.D.S.: I loved what I saw Alex Smith In his first start in almost two years, I think this week he will have his first win in over two years.

MTS Exam: Washington 20, Bengal13.

Example of Florio: Bengal are not as good as the team that beat the Titans, Bengal is not as bad as the team that exploded by the Steelers. They are good enough to surpass Washington, however, thank you Joe Burrow.

Florio’s choice: Bengal 24, Washington 20.

Lions in the Panthers (+1.5)

M.D.S.: The Lions are lurking in the NFC playoff discussion, and they will take a break against the Panthers.

MTS Exam: Lions 24, Panthers 16.

Example of Florio: Carolina are playing better than their 3-7 record. The Lions often play worse than 4-5. With Teddy Bridgewater On the way to play, the Panthers must break their defeat and escape from the NFC South base.

Florio’s choice: Panthers 24, Lions 20.

Jaguars Steelers (-10)

M.D.S.: Mike Tomlin says the Jaguars represent a tough test for the Steelers, but the truth is, Pittsburgh will travel against an unmatched opponent.

MTS Exam: Steelers 35, Jaguars 17.

Example of Florio: The Jaguars have beaten Pittsburgh enough over the years to ensure the Steelers carry a baseball bat to a potential trap game.

Florio’s choice: Steelers 31, Jaguars 13.

Titans at Ravens (+6.5)

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M.D.S.: Ravens’ offense fights this season, but Titan’s defense also fights, I expect Lamar Jackson Baltimore should have one of his best games to win.

MTS Exam: Ravens 28, Titans 20.

Example of Florio: Both teams are going in the wrong direction. The Ravens have overall talent, giving them the best chance to turn it around.

Florio’s choice: Ravens 24, Titans 17.

Patriots in Texans (-2)

M.D.S.: Don’t count more patriots from the playoff race. They shouldn’t have much trouble against a bad Texans team.

MTS Exam: Patriots 27, Texans17.

Example of Florio: New England may miss out on a place in the playoffs, but the road will not end against the unmatched Houston team.

Florio’s choice: Patriots 23, Texans 14.

Dolphins in the Broncos (-3)

M.D.S.: Dua Takovilova After that the first rookie may become a quarterback Ben Rothlisberger To win his first four starts, I expect he will do it.

MTS Exam: Dolphins 28, Francos 14.

Example of Florio: Miami is rising. Denver is sinking.

Florio’s choice: Dolphins 24, Francos 13.

Jets on chargers (+8.5)

M.D.S.: Justin Herbert Have a strong rookie season, but it doesn’t result in many wins. That will change against the Jets.

MTS Exam: Chargers 33, Jets17.

Example of Florio: This may be the Jets’ last, best chance of winning at the end of the season, if not.

Florio’s choice: Jets 24, Chargers 21.

Packers at Golds (+2)

M.D.S.: Aaron Rodgers It’s going to be a tough time against the Golds ’best defense, and Indianapolis will continue to show that this is a sneaky Super Bowl rival.

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MTS Exam: Golds 20, Packers16.

Example of Florio: One of these weeks, Green Bay will play a full game, or something closer to it.

Florio’s choice: Packers 27, Golds20.

Cowboys in Viking (+7)

M.D.S.: The Vikings are making strong incentives to get back into the playoff controversy after a disappointing start, and they have a good chance with an easy schedule.

MTS Exam: Vikings 30, Cowboys14.

Example of Florio: All things considered, the US team is currently operating roughly, the country named for it.

Florio’s choice: Vikings 31, Cowboys20.

Top Riders (-7)

M.D.S.: The riders can make a big statement in the AFC playoff race by ending the Chiefs season win. But I could not see it happening. Get ready to play Kansas City.

MTS Exam: Chiefs 28, Riders 24.

Example of Florio: Andy Reid rarely misses with two weeks to prepare. Chiefs lose their full focus and attention by paying attention to their enemy.

Florio’s choice: Chiefs 34, Riders 21.

Rams in Buchanan (+4)

M.D.S.: This is a big one between two NFC playoff rivals, and I want the Buccaneers to keep pace with the Saints in the NFC South, while Rams is making a comeback in the NFC West.

MTS Exam: Buchananers 24, Rams 17.

Example of Florio: Bucks have a prime-time problem, and two night routines do not change it – a large group does not come to town.

Florio’s choice: Rams 27, Buchananers23.

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