Nintendo announces new live announcement focusing on 2021 games

Nintendo announces new live announcement focusing on 2021 games

Nintendo has announced a new Direct, scheduled for tomorrow February 17th, with a launch date of 22:00 on Portuguese terrain. The livestream will be approximately 50 minutes long, focusing on available games such as Smash Brothers Ultimate and games coming to Switch in the first half of 2021.

There was news Shared on Nintendo’s Twitter, Without further details, but this is Nintendo Direct’s first broadcast since September 4, 2019.

The timing of the announcement is significant, as it was made a few days before the 35th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda, which marked February 21st.

There are those who look forward to a celebration like Super Mario, which marks the 35th anniversary of 2020 and the right to a series of games and news. The sequel to Breath of the Wild is a game that fans have been waiting for a long time, but of course, they will actually have to wait until tomorrow.

Finally, in September 2020, the news of Breath of the Wild 2 came out, when game maker EG Ionuma warned Fans who have to wait a little longer for news.

Nintendo, on the other hand, suggested that Smash Brothers announce the news for Ultimate, which could be translated into a new character after receiving Zephyr.

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