Nintendo is being sued over the Joy-Khan bug

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It was launched three years ago Nintendo, The Click The Japanese company will have operational failures. They are on console-level video game consoles. Based on thousands of user testimonials,French Consumer Federation (UFC) at that time decided to complain to the Choir Company Planned obsolescence », With French and European officials. This means that the UFC will certainly be very effective in forcing Nintendo to respond favorably to the many demands that its members make.

Many features are expected for Nintendo

European consumer associations, united within it Office of the European Consumer Union (BEUC), standard action against Nintendo. During the investigation, failures were found in the cranes Nintendo Switch. He heads these associationsUFC Whatever you choose This, in France, amassed one-third of the certificates that helped start the practice. The Japanese company has to respond to allegations of “deliberate obsolescence” on video game consoles (small and room) brought in by French and European officials. In France it will be Directorate General of Competition, Consumer Protection and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) Who will ask. In Europe, he will face a panel of lawyers from Greek, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Norwegian, Belgian, French, Slovak and Slovenian.

Nintendo has failed to blame

Since its inception, Joey Khan From Nintendo Switch It is a target for frequent complaints from its users. The Disorder It was found to be related to triggering unwanted actions in the game, and in response to these complaints, Nintendo limited its actions to simple excuses. No action has been planned or taken to provide specific responses to repair the damage. Inactivity is considered unaccounted for by members of consumer associations BEUC. Hence the “scheduled aging” eligibility granted for Joy-Khan breakdowns on the Nintendo Switch. The excellent cooperation of the Japanese company may have prevented this legal action.

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Media popularity

Media popularity

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