Nissan’s damages case against missing Kozan opens in Japan

Nissan's damages case against missing Kozan opens in Japan

A civil court case began in Japan on Friday Nissan It wants 10 billion yen, or $ 95 million, in compensation for its former leader Carlos Gossen.

The automaker has sued Goshen for damages caused by various types of financial fraud. Goshen, who was awaiting trial in a separate criminal case in Japan, was released on bail late last year.

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Goshen said in a statement from Lebanon on Friday that the trial would prove his innocence, adding that “there is no basis for the allegations of wrongdoing and the charges against me.”

A civil lawsuit is pending in Yokohama, a port city owned by Nissan Motor Co. Nissan filed it in February.

“Nissan conducted a strong and thorough internal investigation involving outside lawyers. The investigation concluded that Goshen deliberately committed gross misconduct,” Nissan said.

Nissan has accused Goshen of spending money on homes in Lebanon and Brazil, the use of company jets for family trips and donations to universities in Lebanon.

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Goshen reiterated that the allegations were “fabricated.” He said questions about his business activities may have been resolved within the company.

“The current Nissan civil case is an extension of a very unfair internal investigation with malicious intent by a section of Nissan’s senior management and the unjust arrests and accusations of public prosecutors,” Goshen said.

Goshen, who was arrested in November 2018, has been charged with breach of trust, misappropriation of company assets for personal gain and breach of bond laws for not disclosing his compensation in full.

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Kozun hired Nobu Kohara, a well-known lawyer who wrote the interview book with Koz, for the civil trial.

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“Attorney Kohara has consistently pointed out the prosecutors’ allegations and allegations and the serious issues regarding the Nissan regime that expelled me, ”Goshen said.

The criminal case was opened in September in Tokyo District Court without Goshen. Defendants include former Nissan executive Greg Kelly and Nissan as a company. Kelly says he’s innocent. Nissan has pleaded guilty. A verdict is not expected for months.

Evidence has shown that when Japan’s laws were amended in 2010, Kozen returned more than half of his salary, stating that he needed more than 100 million yen ($ 1 million) in personal administration pay. Because it is so large compared to the salary of a Japanese “paymaster”, Nissan officials sought to find ways to pay him without disclosing it.

Goshen said he fled because he could not expect a fair trial in Japan, which has a 99% sentence rate. Tokyo lawyers say they believe there is a case against Goshen and Kelly.

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Separately, Japan is asking the United States to extradite two Americans accused of helping Goshen escape to Lesnan.

Goshen led Nissan for two decades, starting with a significant turning point and rescuing the manufacturer of the leaf electric vehicle and Infiniti luxury models from the brink of bankruptcy.

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