“No criminal conduct in Vatican payments to Australia”

"No criminal conduct in Vatican payments to Australia"

This was the clarification given by the Australian Federal Police on payments coming into Australia from the Vatican


Australian Federal Police issued a brief statement clarifying that no criminal conduct was identified in payments that came to Australia from the Vatican.

The note posted on the website reads: “The Australian Federal Police (AFP) has completed its analysis of the financial information provided by Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Center (AUSTRAC) re Vatican payments to Australia. To date, no criminal behavior has been identified. If AFP receives more information from Australian or international partners, this will be considered as part of the deal.

Or case

It is recalled that on January 13, AUSTRAC, the Australian financial supervisory body, published a statement on the website of the newspaper “The Australian” in which it admitted to having massively overestimated the flow of money transfers between the Vatican and Australia.

It was AUSTRAC itself, in the final months of 2020, that said that over the past six years 1.4 billion euros (A $ 2.3 billion) had been sent to Australia. from the Vatican, for a total of around 47,000 individual transfers. A huge amount, which immediately seemed unreal, both in terms of the amount of money and the number of transactions, because it was not at all compatible with the movements of the Holy See.

Correction of estimates

In its statement a few days ago, AUSTRAC corrected these estimates dramatically, saying it was not $ 1.4 billion with 47,000 financial transactions in the past six years, but of 6 million euros for 362 transactions.

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Audits, requested by the Holy See and carried out by AUSTRAC in collaboration with ASIF, the Vatican Financial and Information Supervisory Authority, restored the figures to the correct dimensions. And the real value, according to a statement from the Holy See, “is attributable, among other things, to certain contractual obligations and to the ordinary management of its resources”.

Australian Federal Police now say analysis of transactions did not reveal any criminal behavior.

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