Noah Cyrus’ 2020 CMT Music Awards costumes divide fans.

Noah Cyrus' 2020 CMT Music Awards costumes divide fans.

Noah Cyrus Broke up from her Pop Roots to perform 2020 CMT Music Awards On Wednesday.

“A 20-year-old star performed”This is us“With Jimmie Allen.

For her performance, Cyrus Thin bodysuitIt features silver decoration.

She also wore thigh-high white boots, long white gloves, and a large white cowboy hat decorated with rhinestones.

Noah Cyrus admits that Sister Miley’s shadow is’absolutely intolerable’.

Noah Cyrus performed at the 2020 CMT Music Awards on Wednesday evening. (Getty Images)

After the duo’s performance, fans immediately tweeted about Cyrus’ fashion choices.

“I know this is 2020 and nothing is happening now, but by doing @CMT I’ve lost my respect for you for making @noahcyrus almost nothing.” Wrote viewer online. “It was so inappropriate and it’s not at all what women should represent!!!”

NOAH CYRUS says that’because he was ’10 or 11 years old’, he suffered from anxiety and depression.

“Noah Cyrus doesn’t seem to have received a note that the CMT Awards are not on par with Victoria’s Secret Fashion show.” Other words. “I can’t guess how incredibly unpleasant and disgusting her’costume’ is. I pray to God that she is again banned from performing among CMT artists.”

Third addition: “Noah Cyrus knows this is country music, but doesn’t he wear that kind of clothes?”

Noah Cyrus and Jimmie Allen performed'This Is Us'.  (Getty Images)

Noah Cyrus and Jimmie Allen performed’This Is Us’. (Getty Images)

CARRIE UNDERWOOD Knows Best Honor at 2020 CMT Music Awards

Another word: “Others are confused about what Noah Cyrus is wearing ???!”

However, there were blatant fans on the other side of the aisle.

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NOAH CYRUS announced to ex-boyfriend LIL XAN that he would be a dad.

“Everyone tonight is crazy about the @noahcyrus outfit, but honestly I loved it and wish I had that kind of confidence.” Said.

“I’m in love with Noah Cyrus. These clothes are all” Another chime.

OKAY @JimmieAllen & @noahcyrus won the outfit of the day!!! ” Praised the fan.

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Another person “Vulgar obsession“With the Star’s Get Up.

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