North Darit meteor shower peaks this week

North Darit meteor shower peaks this week
North The Tarot meteor shower is visible in the sky from October, but the annual rainfall peaks on November 11 and 12. American Meteorological Association.
At this time, the debris of the Earth Comet 2b / NK will pass through the dense part of the stream, which will be headed by Phil Cook Jr., who heads the celestial dwarf rain sky system. NASA’s Meteorological Environment Office.

Stargazers can expect to see up to five fireballs per hour on those peak nights, Cook said. Despite the fiery name, fireballs are completely safe to look at and will not hurt anyone.

Fireballs are meteors that shine brighter than Venus, which is the brightest object in the night sky after the moon, Cook said. They last about a second or two compared to the average meteorite, which lasts less than half a second, said Robert Lanceford, the meteor community’s fireball report coordinator.

Lansford said that while stargazing in the 1980s, Dourid saw a fireball from the meteor shower, and it looked like a full moon.

“I remember sitting on my telescope, burning on the floor,” Lanceford said. “I watched fast to see the meteor shoot.”

Cook currently relies on NASA’s comprehensive camera system to view the Tarot meteorite, but when he was young he saw one while doing tricks or treatments.

“I was 13 years old, so I was a disgusting little teenager, and I saw a very bright Tarot fireball and I thought it was the most wonderful thing to happen on Halloween,” Cook said.

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Beginning in September, the southern dormitory meteor shower merges with the northern dormitory to form the comet 2b / nk. AMS said it was high on October 29 and 30.

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According to the AMS, the northern Dorit meteorite travels across the sky at 18 miles per second, which is slower than average meteorites.

This map shows the radiation levels of the starting points of the northern and southern dormitories.

According to Cook, the best time to see meteor showers is after midnight in your local time zone. It is difficult to see the light pollution coming from the cities, so go to a place where there are no artificial lights.

The brightness of the moon can also affect the visibility of meteor showers. Fortunately, according to the AMS, only 15% of the moon is visible during peak hours.

Although the North Darits meteor shower peaked in mid-November this year, the rain will continue until December 10th. If you miss the Tarot meteor shower, Don’t worry: the Geminits meteor shower will be in mid-December.

“This year, Geminits will be better because the moon isn’t going to spoil the show,” Cook said.

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