‘Nothing found in nature’ for dinosaur

'Nothing found in nature' for dinosaur

– How strange were the features of the dinosaur that roamed modern Brazil about 110 million years ago? They say “there is nothing I have never seen in nature” by David Martil, a primary author The study of the organism, Says Guardian. “There are plenty of other weird dinosaurs, but none of them.” The Peeked Dinosaur is about the size of a chicken, with two legs and a long tail, a mane of protophytes, a form of early feathers that looks like hair. The stranger still “has very long, stiff ribbons on either side of both shoulders,” Martil explains Release. These rugs — probably made of keratin like your fingernails — lend themselves to the dinosaur’s name, Uprajara Jupatas. The first part comes from the name “Lord of the Spear” from a spit name, while the second is from a Latin word “maned,” Science News.

Dino expects Dino to “have hair-like protophiles over most of its body … the ones on its back are very long, and this will give the dinosaurs a kind of unique mane”. The dinosaur probably raised the mane to the scene. Shoulder protrusions may have been included in the show, which may have involved “extensive dancing,” which researchers say may have been intended to impress a partner or intimidate rivals. That model was brought to a museum in Brazil about 30 years ago; In 1995, Mart and a colleague requested that it be sent to Germany, after which it was inspected. “It marks a revolution in dinosaur communications, the effects of which are still seen in living birds today,” said Robert Smith, co-author of the study. In fact, “Uprajara This trend of showing shows us that is inherited from dinosaurs. (Read more dinosaur stories.)

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