“Nothing will stop us!” Ashley Babbitt’s Last Tweet, Air Force Captain – Observer …

"Nothing will stop us!"  Ashley Babbitt's Last Tweet, Air Force Captain - Observer ...

The woman who was assassinated in Capitol, Washington, D.C., was an Air Force veteran and a staunch supporter of Donald Trump, who wrote on Twitter just hours before the incident. “Nothing” can prevent “invasion” It will be in Washington D.C. This was the first confirmed death toll in these incidents – and three victims were later reported to have died in officially related circumstances, for now,Medical emergencies“.

According to confirmed family members to the American press, including the widow, the woman was invited Ashley Babbitt, 35, and a native of San Diego, Southern California. She flew to Washington without her husband, with whom she had a career in San Diego. Husband reported on a regional television station in San Diego, KUSI, confirming the woman’s death and telling her “U.S. The 14-year-old served on four missions with the Air Force“.

Another family member who spoke to reporters told his mother-in-law: “I honestly don’t understand why he decided to do this.” Quick advice Twitter account However, this shows that she defines herself as a “senior” and a “libertarian”. “I love my boy, my dog ​​and above all, my country – freedom!“.

A few hours before the incidents, he responded Tweet From another Donald Trump supporter, several flights to Washington D.C. are said to be canceled, although the weather is not bad. That is, it insists that airlines will cooperate in controlling the struggle provoked by President Trump. Ashley Babbitt assured that neither the airlines nor “anything” would stop the protesters.

“Nothing will stop us … except for the storm they can try, try, try [storm] Is here and will be attacking DC in the next 24 hours வோம் Let’s move from darkness to light! ”, The woman wrote.

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In English, “Storm”Refers to a storm, but it is a verb that means to occupy a given space.

In addition to the many pro-Trump messages, Ashley Babbitt’s Twitter is also full of news (or News copies) To combat the control measures initiated by the authorities to control the Govt-19 epidemic, i.e. imprisonment and the use of masks.

There are not many details yet about the circumstances of Ashley’s death, at least now there is no evidence that he was armed or in immediate danger. The shooting is known to have erupted when Capitol security personnel drew weapons in response to the protesters’ progress. According to Washington Police, Ashley died shortly after the shooting, according to U.S. Capitol Police.

Videos posted online with the incident show Ashley trying to climb through a broken window in one of the doors in the Speaker’s lobby area, a hallway leading to the House of Representatives. These are wooden doors at the bottom and glass doors at the top – these glass are broken and the videos seem to show a person climbing up, at which point he is shot and falls backwards.

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