Notre Dame fight Irish football flipping Colorado buffalo kicker Joshua Bryan

Notre Dame fight Irish football flipping Colorado buffalo kicker Joshua Bryan

Notre Dame pulled another recruitment twist on the backpack-12. On Monday it was the Valrico (Fla.) Bloomingdale Cornerback Philip Riley USC and today, Irish Chatsworth (Calif.) Pulls Sierra Canyon football Joshua Bryan From Colorado.

Brian has been in contact with Colorado and Notre Dame over the summer, but there is no guarantee that a scholarship will open for him in South Bend, so he locked up a place with the Buffs, a school he really loved.

“A week after I promised Colorado, [Brian] Fake He came back to me and said it was going to work, so it was a shock, ”Brian told Blue &

But even then, Brian had no final word from Polly, who serves as Notre Dame’s recruitment coordinator and special teams coordinator, and he has a scholarship. He would receive the word from Polian until late October, and Brian announced his return to the Irish two weeks later.

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Fight Irish’s new commitment is one of the best experts in the country.

“I felt like I had to do it because Notre Dame is a school,” Brian explained. “This is not an easy decision; I really enjoyed my visit to Colorado and it was a nice campus. But academically, Notre Dame is such a valuable graduate that I can come from a school like that very successful. I was always in small, private schools.

“They’re on a roll now, which makes things even more exciting for me.”

For two months, while waiting for Notre Dame to ask him if he was going to deliver, Brian was somewhat relaxed with the fight Irish. Brian greatly appreciated Polian’s honesty and transparency throughout the process.

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“Especially in an era like this, the confidence aspect is the most important thing,” Brian added. “He talked to me for months and he would honestly tell me if there was anything or if they didn’t know what they were going to do about me. He helped me with the whole process. It was a great benefit and a great comfort in my decision.”

2020 is a year of frustration in recruitment because there must be hundreds of opportunities for schools where they have never traveled normally, or they have not met the trainee staff – all because of the NCAA death toll due to Govt-19.

But with a strong relationship with Bolion, Brian Notre Dame finds comfort in Dame because he was able to make a trip to South Bend in late August and enjoyed every second of it.

“I loved the campus,” Brian said. “I walked around even though I could not see the coaches or the facilities. I’m going to spend so much time in school. If I’m comfortable and happy there, it’s the right school for me.

“I feel ready for this opportunity. It’s a great platform, but I wanted to pursue it. Notre Dame is going to make it happen to me.”

Credit to Brian Kicking Chris Sailor For his development as an expert. The service features Brian as a “six-star” recruit who has been nominated for the Power Five New Year Startup and Scholarship.

“Josh simply had the chance to kick a unique high school,” Chris Sailor said. “He’s a great player with great college ability. He hits a pure ball on the field goal from the ground. He gets a big time lift on his ball and has a 60-plus-yard limit. -Hangs the ball deeper with more than hang time.

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“He’s a talented bowler. He’s a key competitor growing under pressure. Josh continues to prove to be America’s best footballer in the 2021 class. I look forward to seeing what the future holds. Josh chose the scholarship without a doubt. “

Dedication to Notre Dame is number 21 in the Brian 2021 class, which ranks 10th in the country for competitors.

Notre Dame kicker Jonathan Door Has expressed interest in returning to the sixth year, which the NCAA has made possible due to the extra-year qualification for student-athletes. If he returns, Brian Notre Dame will not be able to reveal his identity on the football team until 2022.


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