Novak Djokovic,’pain’ after US Open incident

Djokovic 'deeply sorry' for Adria Tour after Covid-19 positive test

This is his friend and former coach Radek Stepanek, and No. 1 This is Jim Courier’s thought.

Given his dominance, undefeated in 2020, and his absence with his biggest rival Roger Federer, he probably didn’t have many of his favorite players to advance to the majors in New York this year over Djokovic. Rafael Nadal.

However, Djokovic went into default when he accidentally hit the ball that hit the line judges’ neck on Sunday. The frustration was better for the 17th Grand Slam winner after breaking into the 5-6 trail with a frantic 10-minute spell after missing 3 points in the first game against Pablo Carreno Busta and falling over the left shoulder.

He later apologized on social media.

‘He is very sad inside’

Stepanek is an avid fan of Djokovic, but he had no problems with the decisions made by tournament officials.

The Czech Republic, who coached Djokovic with Andrea Agassi Hall of Fame for months from 2017 to 2018, suspected that the Serbs were suffering.

“I know he’s very sad and painful in him,” said Stephanek, 8th in the world and the Czech Davis Cup hero, to CNN. “He was in pain because he didn’t intend, and at that moment the pain grew.

“And it’s hard for him because he knows how hungry he is to become the most magnificent slam player. I think he felt-everyone felt-this game should be able to reach him.

“All these situations made him very sad and empty in the first moment, because I knew he was wrong with what she was right.

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“Obviously the pressure on him and the criticism he receives over time is difficult. He’s trying to do his best. He can be the greatest man by the end of his career. We are all human. The right to make mistakes. ”

When I pointed out to Stephanek that Djokovic had made some mistakes, he disagreed.

“We create our own worlds and mistakes.” Stephanek was one of the funniest players of his generation, although he haunted an opponent or two during his career. “We have to accept the results.”

For the time being, Stephanek said that Djokovic is looking for refuge with the closest and most dear ones. These include his wife, Jelena, and two children.

“He will be able to return to the family closest to his family and feel in a safe environment,” said Stephanek. “Be with his loved ones. I think one of his greatest strengths is his mental power.

“No matter how sad and empty he is now-and as far as I know he is a person with deep emotions and he is very deep because he is sensitive. He also thinks that it is hard for himself now. Get him out of here and I will work again.”

Djokovic was with his ex-coach La Deck Stefanek in 2018.

Qatar tick return

Djokovic is expected to act again at the upcoming Italian Open in Rome before appearing at the French Open, which was pushed out of the customary slot in Paris due to the plague from late May to September 27th.

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Courier told CNN, “He’s going to be focusing on a clay court event that starts in a week, and he’ll have to be prepared for it.

“It could be catharsis for him to have something so quickly for him that could help slow down this unfortunate event.

“The bad news for him is that he was eliminated from the US Open, but the good news for him is that the French Open has the opportunity to flip pages around the corner and move on.”

With 12 titles, Nadal is once again popular at Roland Garros, but you shouldn’t discount Djokovic. He is one of the only two players to beat Spain in Roland Garros with Robin Soderling.

There are a lot of problems in Paris when it comes to Grand Slam record books. If Nadal adds to his incredible performance, he’ll put Federer at the top of the men’s list with 20 majors. Djokovic is recovering from knee surgery and will be among Federer’s two majors who will not play again this season. First time if he wins.

Two years ago, Roland Garros played an important role in Djokovic’s renaissance due to elbow injuries and motivation. Miffed when Marco Secinato had a chance in the quarter-finals, he won Wimbledon and won three of the last five Grand Slams.

“It’s going to be intense for quite some time with what happened,” said Stephanek, “but I believe he’ll be strong again when he comes back to the court and takes an eye on the possible trophies that allow him to focus on what he’s doing.” .

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Get back fans

Djokovic was already chasing Federer and Nadal when it comes to fan support ahead of his mistake on Sunday. His match at Wimbledon’s Switzerland and the year-end championships in London are just a few.

However, Stepanek does not rule out an uptrend.

The 41-year-old said, “He did a lot for tennis.”

“I believe people will love him, others will not like him. It’s all individual. Obviously we know Roger and Rafa are more famous, but we don’t know what the future will be if he chooses.

“I’ve lived it on tour for over 20 years and you don’t know what will happen tomorrow. You never know what will happen.”

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