Now at the boarding gate: coronavirus test

Now at the boarding gate: coronavirus test

American Airlines, along with United Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, and Jet Blue Airlines, said on Tuesday that they will offer coronavirus testing to passengers. Tampa International Airport also said it would offer tests. From rapid tests at airports that return results in minutes, to tests that take days to take, travelers with negative results can skip or minimize quarantine restrictions at various destinations.

The new test came with the number of people flying domestically and internationally, continuing to hit the lowest (the Transportation Safety Administration inspected 568,688 people on Tuesday compared to 1,998,980 on the same day a year ago). We hope that testing at the airport will reassure those concerned about the safety of their flights amid an ongoing epidemic.

“Our plans for this early stage of preflight testing reflect the ingenuity and interest our team is working to rebuild confidence in air travel, making it an important step in our work to accelerate ultimate demand recovery. I see.” Robert Isom, president of American, said in a statement Tuesday.

American tests people traveling to international destinations, starting with those traveling from Miami International Airport to Jamaica first. The Jamaica Travel Test is for residents traveling to their home country. If a passenger is tested negative for the virus, they are exempt from the 14-day quarantine currently in force for returning residents. The airline is also working to initiate testing for visitors and residents to the Bahamas and other countries in the Caribbean. Starting in mid-October, the airline offers tests at home that can be done via video calls with medical professionals. Direct examination at CareNow urgent care location; Rapid on-site testing managed by CareNow at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport for flights to Hawaii.

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Tampa International Airport is the first airport in the United States to offer tests and is accessible to passengers on all airlines. Tests are managed by BayCare nurses and healthcare professionals, and travelers can choose a PCR test that returns results in 48 hours or a rapid antigen test that returns results in 15 minutes. Before the pandemic, Tampa Airport was one of the busiest airports in the U.S. with more than 22 million travelers in 2019. Passengers who have flown or flew within 3 days and have a ticket to show proof of travel are eligible for a nasal swab test for $125. Antigen testing for $57.

The test is not required and the price ranges from around $50 to $250.

Airlines and airports desperately want passengers to fly again. The aviation sector is facing job losses of roughly 40,000 people, ending October 1 in financial relief that was part of this week’s CARES stimulus package.

“Faster and more efficient testing will allow the travel economy to resume more broadly, and organizations can restore lost jobs and re-employ workers faster,” said Tori Emerson Barnes, Vice President of Public Affairs and Policy at the American Travel Association. Said. this month. “Importantly, with a strong testing program, the United States can reacquire international visitors as part of a trip that has effectively disappeared since the epidemic began.”

United’s pilot program, announced last week, is launching a pilot program to test passengers traveling from San Francisco International Airport to Hawaii and those traveling from San Francisco International Airport to Hawaii. Hawaii allows visitors outside the state of Hawaii to bypass the quarantine if test results are negative within 72 hours. Travel time.

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Toby Enqvist, United’s Chief Customer Officer, said in a statement, “Our new Covid testing program is another way to help our customers safely and conveniently meet the entry requirements of their destinations.” Other destinations and airports in the United States.

JetBlue offers in-house saliva tests conducted via online video chat with a Vault Health test supervisor to ensure that customers are providing samples correctly. The airline’s test is for people traveling to countries where entry is allowed if the test result is negative. Travelers receive results within 72 hours.

Airports and airlines are promoting more cleaning procedures, and many have mandated social distancing and masking rules to keep travelers safe and have confidence in their flight.

Stephen Beck, founder and managing partner of cg42, a management consulting firm that has advised aerospace companies, said, “The delivery test is consistent with other things major airlines have been doing to make people feel more comfortable with their travel experiences.

The test came months after airlines and travel trade groups asked the government to create federal testing programs and guidelines that require people to wear masks, but that didn’t happen and the airline created its own policies and systems. The airline also asked European Union and US officials to create a test program to encourage travel.

Carlos Ozores, aviation and aviation consultant ICF’s head of aviation and Americas consulting, said the move to provide tests will not lead to a full recovery of air travel, but will gain traction in the coming months, especially internationally. Travel.

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“This is for international markets with country restrictions that require quarantine or negative test results,” said Ozores. “I think this will be rolled out more broadly as it offers overseas travel.”

Ozores added that for tests at airlines and airports to work, governments must agree to accept each other’s tests for validity, and that consistent standards must be applied regardless of where the tests are conducted.

Among other developments in airline virus testing, Hawaiian Airlines will work with Worksite Labs to have drive-through test sites for passengers in San Francisco and Los Angeles. Testing costs $90 for results within 36 hours and $150 for same-day express services starting in mid-October.

In Europe, Italian airline Alitalia is offering flight tests between Rome and Milan until October. The airline will also test on flights and airports for passengers traveling between New York and Italy.

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