Nuno doesn’t like wolf warriors shopping, he explains why

Nuno doesn't like wolf warriors shopping, he explains why



The Portuguese Wolverhampton coach wants to avoid the casualties of the Covit-19 team, and the club has already taken action.

Even at the start of the vaccination program against Govt-19, the United Kingdom is one of the most affected European countries, and before the match against Tottenham, Nuno Esprito Santo spoke about the spread of the corona virus on British soil. For the need to increase the frequency of tests.

“It may have to increase. The level of infection is increasing significantly, perhaps it is necessary. Unfortunately, I would say we have to go back to a system of two trials a week to avoid possible situations of players who are unable to come to the arenas. At this time, we are being tested once a week, but United We know what’s going on in the Kingdom, “he began by referring to the Portuguese coach, explaining that Wolverhampton has already taken steps to control the maximum number of players leaving their respective homes:

“We talk about it every day, telling our players not to make it easy, to be careful of distances and to avoid going out. In order to avoid any danger, we try to get the club staff to go shopping and go to the supermarket for them. The epidemic started and we did it. The cooks told us. They made a package with the necessary basics. Now, the infection has increased and we have started again.

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“A lot of people are watching us, we have a small team, some issues and players are out due to injury. We can’t miss any player,” Nuno Esprito Santo concluded.

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