Nvidia GeForce is now available in Chrome on Windows and Mac

Nvidia GeForce is now available in Chrome on Windows and Mac

There are many gaming services in the cloud and Nvidia GeForce is now undoubtedly one of them. It works well and for many users iOS, Is the best way to get your hands on content without having to go through the App Store. Because only the Safari browser is required. Now it is Producer The latest version of GeForce for Chrome on Windows and MacOS platforms is now in beta.

Nvidia GeForce is now available in Chrome on Windows and Mac

In the update release notes, Nvidia claims that Google Chrome users on Windows and MacOS already have access to game streaming at https://play.geforcenow.com/. Nvidia claims that other sites that use the Google Chrome browser may also be compatible. However, this company does not guarantee support.

To make everything better, Nvidia used the WebRTC framework to enhance the browser experience so that it looks as close as possible to its own use. Previously, users were able to access the GeForce Now web client on any operating system by forging the agent string. Although this worked, users noticed a long delay, making it impossible to run multiple topics.

Of course, for all intents and purposes, access to the GeForce Now service requires that you be in a region that constantly supports it. Fortunately we are. However, if you visit the site using Google Chrome on Windows or MacOS, you will have a notification that recommends downloading your own client for a better experience. In fact, GeForce Now customers are now available for x106 and x64 PCs running Windows 10, and for Macs with Apple Silicon processor. However, it does not have its own client for Linux or Windows 10 based on ARM. So this new browser experience would be the best way to play.

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GeForce is now Chrome

In addition to extended support for more devices, Nvidia also introduced new features to enhance the browser experience. For example, you can now easily add shortcuts to your desktop. It now gives you access to your favorite games on GeForce and can share a URL with your friends for any game on the platform.

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