Nvidia Shield TV gets a rare sale on this Black Friday deal

Nvidia Shield TV gets a rare sale on this Black Friday deal

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I have owned the Nvidia Shield TV for five years now and it has never knocked me down. While there is a hot new Android TV streaming dongle in the box, it is worth recommending the Chromecast with last year’s Nvidia Shield TV (2019) Google TV, even with the wide price difference between them. That price difference is now a bit closer as a Black Friday deal cuts Shield TV to $ 130 on both Amazon and Best Buy.

Best Android TV experience

Nvidia Shield TV (2019)

Better distance and more power make this even better.

When creating new Chromecast waves with Google TV, the Nvidia version is the best purchase not only because it is more powerful, but also because it has a much stronger interface. Adding a recent screen where you can quickly flip back and forth between apps makes it ideal for unquestioned viewers like me.

Yes, it was only $ 20, but the last time Shield TV reduced this amount came back to my birthday in early April, which was six months ago. As I mentioned, there are some reasons to get the 2019 Nvidia Shield TV on the new Google TV. First and foremost, this dongle is very powerful, which means it can quickly buffer new streams, allowing your image to travel quickly from SD to HD in applications such as VRV and CBS All Access to Wi-Fi. Instead very quickly without trusting Ethernet. Phi. Second, while the new Google TV interface looks all glossy and fresh, it still lacks some important integration and features – like the ability to quickly switch between recently used apps, which I adore and use on my shield through the recently used Recents menu.

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It is also important to point out that Shield TV will receive a Google TV update in the future, but Nvidia will work with Google to ensure that the current Android TV UI is upgraded before being sent to a device. Nvidia has done this before, and the commitment to quality and long-term system updates has become the longest-supported Android device in history. We have no clue how long the new Chromecast will receive updates, but we can expect to see five years of updates on the Shield TV, as the original Shield TV gets more updates in the first five years of launch.

Also, while the new Chromecast remote is very small and beautiful, some of the basic buttons with the Shield remote are missing, which is a play / pause button and dedicated forward / fast forward buttons! For apps like Disney +, this is important because it controls how these apps run on the screen. Of course, if you get an Nvidia Shield TV, you can catch it Nvidia Controller Also use back triggers fast forward and forward in many applications. This is an addictive feature and I totally recommend it.

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