Nvidia was forced to clarify the confusion of the new RTX30

If you don’t know, Nvidia recently introduced its new RTX30 mobile graphics card. There are 3 different versions (RTX 3060, RTX 3070 and RTX 3080)! Although they share names with versions for desktop computers, they do not have the same performance.

But most important of all, the company’s claim that there are 3 versions is a complete lie. After all, there are 28 different versions of these 3 models, no difference. Because Nvidia decided to finish the Max-B and Max-Q names.

Well, more or less, because after some criticism, and Asus introduced all the different versions of its mobile cards in the new notebooks … Nvidia seems more or less ‘forced’ to change its strategy.

Nvidia was forced to clarify the confusion of the new RTX30

So, everything pointed out that Nvidia was ready to give the names ‘Max-B’ and ‘Max-Q’, although they were confusing, differentiated different versions of their mobile graphics cards. But like this generation, almost all notebook versions from manufacturers like Asus and MSI have different DGP (Total Graphics Power) numbers … something had to be done.

In addition to the different versions of the GPU, manufacturers also had more freedom in supplying power to the air conditioner and chip, and found the frequencies to suit them. In other words, in the marketplace, this can be a real mess because consumers will eventually have to rely on online reviews to understand what they are buying.

Therefore, to avoid the impending confusion, Nvidia decided to force all partners to disclose the DGP and frequencies of all RTX30 mobile graphics cards used.

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