NYC Mayor Furlough Brings 495 Employees Including Himself

NYC Mayor Furlough Brings 495 Employees Including Himself

Mayor Bill de Blasio is expected to announce on Wednesday that the city hall, including himself, will be hiring his own staff.

This policy will affect 495 market employees, and at some point between October and March 2021, they will be required to have a week of unpaid dormancy. The dormancy begins with the administrative secretary, Mr. It applies to everyone from de Blasio and his wife Chirlane’s office. McCray.

The mayor plans to close the business without pay, the spokesman said.

Faced with a two-year shortage of $9 billion in income due to the coronavirus’ economic impact, de Blasio closed its city budget this year with unspecified labor savings of $1 billion.

He warned that the unions working with the city would have to fire 22,000 employees if they couldn’t find such savings. If the state does not authorize New York City to finance its operations with long-term debt of up to $5 billion; Or if the federal government does not provide assistance.

Until now, his efforts to persuade Albany to act have become deaf. Also, ask for federal help.

The Halo will get $860,000 in expected savings, but this move has a symbolic meaning and could be a precursor to a similar maneuver to cut the budget.

Bill Neidhardt, spokeswoman for De Blasio, explained that “an important gesture to reaffirm our viewing is to recognize the sacrifices that will be made overall if we are motivated or not borrowed.”

Andrew Rein, chairman of the Citizen Budget Committee, argued that six months after the crisis occurred, the mayor should have already put in place consumption-based efficiency plans and manpower reduction plans, and labor and management should already work together to find something meaningful. Saving.

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“It would be great if this could help get rid of inertia,” Rein said. “It’s hard to say if it will.”

Originally, de Blasio warned that the clearing up would start in October, but at the end of August he Back down In that timeline. He has not yet set a new deadline for unions to provide savings and prevent layoffs.

almost 24,000 The coronavirus killed New York City residents, and the epidemic hit the city’s economy and budget-dependent tax revenues. Until July the city is Lost At least 1 million jobs. New York Independent Budget Office prediction New York City will still lose 564,200 jobs by the end of the year due to the subsequent job growth associated with New York’s gradual resumption.

Even if the city achieves $1 billion in labor savings, the budget problem is not over.

The budget faces a potential $2.3 billion cut in state education cuts and a consequent loss of 9,000 education jobs, in addition to the potential to cover a significant portion of the state’s monumental budget shortfall. It also includes what the expert explains. Perhaps fantasy New York Police Department Savings.

The subway system that supports the urban economy, fueling the economic fire Financial disaster Own.

Under De Blasio, the size and budget of the city government Growing dramatically, There are services provided by the city. He often points out that some of that growth has to do with universal pre-k programs, widely regarded as his greatest market performance.

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