NYC Northbound A train derails from Chelsea’s 8th Avenue and 14th Street train stations. 1 injury report

NYC Northbound A train derails from Chelsea's 8th Avenue and 14th Street train stations.  1 injury report
Chelsea, Manhattan (WABC)-Police are interrogating a man Sunday morning by throwing debris on Manhattan subway tracks, the train derailed and made a roaring run for hours, but not seriously injured.

From Chelsea around 8 am, the front of train A heading north from the 8th and 14th Street train stations derailed and was damaged.

Authorities described the subject being investigated as a 30-year-old homeless person. They said witnesses saw him throwing construction debris into a subway track.

He is currently being interrogated in Transit District 2 and a prosecution is pending.

“While the Northbound train was being dragged to the 14St-8th Av station, it came into contact with debris on the roadbed and the wheels were off track,” NYCT interim chairman Sarah Feinberg said in a statement. “All passengers on the train got off safely at the station. The problem is being investigated.”

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The MTA said that all four tracks were not powered due to this incident.

“As a result of the accident, the northbound train near 34th Street remains in the tunnel, and NYCT is working quickly to remove customers from the train,” Feinberg said.

NYC Transit Sarah Meyer’s Chief Customer Officer also commented on the situation.

About 30 passengers took the train. Currently, no serious injuries have been reported.

Service will stop in both directions south of 14th St in Manhattan. There is no service going north along 8th Avenue from Canal St to 59 St-Columbus Circle, and limited service is provided in Uptown Manhattan and the Bronx.

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