Of course the Hot Wheels Cybertruck is late

Of course the Hot Wheels Cybertruck is late

Tesla is known for supplying its electric vehicles A little later than I thought. It’s weird to hear that the toy versions of CyberTruck don’t arrive on time. As Bloomberg Reports, Hot Wheels and two remote control trucks developed by Mattel, the American company behind Barbie, were due to be shipped this month. In an email sent to customers by the company due to an “unexpected production issue”, the target delivery date has been moved to May 2021. Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable.

Mattel’s remote control cars Announced in February. One is 1:64 entertainment Its price is 99 19.99, The other is a significantly larger 1:10 version That will get you back to 399.99. Both are listed without stock on the Hot Wheels Collectors website at this time. Meanwhile there was a real cybertruck Formally unveiled in November 2019 At an event in Los Angeles. (The same is true of the car’s leading designers It famously smashed its two “armored glass” windows With a metal ball.) Production of the dual-motor (, 900 49,900) and tri-motor (, 900, 69,900) variants is scheduled to begin later next year, followed by the 2022 single-motor (, 900, 39,900) version.

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