Office of the Most Watched Series in the United States and the Oscar Lead Rankings

Office of the Most Watched Series in the United States and the Oscar Lead Rankings

Nielsen’s rating service has released a list of the most viewed streaming topics in 2020 and revealed that “The Office”, “Oserk” and “Frozen II” are number one in the United States. The data was released by the Hollywood Reporter.

The rankings are based on the total number of minutes viewed by viewers, with “The Office” topping the list as the most viewed topic in 2020, with 57.13 billion minutes. This figure is 45% higher than the second-place project, “Grace Anatomy”, which reached 39.41 billion minutes.

In the rankings, most of the content comes from Netflix in the US, which contains the top 10 series. They include several projects such as “NCIS”, “Criminal Minds” and “Supernatural”, as well as the award-winning “Shit’s Creek” and “Showtime’s Shameless”. These 10 projects were viewed for approximately 265.5 billion minutes by 2020.

Netflix had nine of the most watched original streaming series in the country, with “Oserk” topping the charts with 30.46 billion minutes of views. The third season of the series debuted in late March 2020 and received a significant increase in viewership over previous episodes.

Despite being Netflix’s flagship streaming service this year, Disney + was able to make it to the top 10 with “The Montalorian”, which won 4.52 billion minutes of viewing. The second season of the series is part of Nielsen’s weekly streaming rankings for seven consecutive weeks, the longest streak in four and a half months since the company’s weekly rankings began.

Streaming service has also gained prominence when it comes to movies. Disney + appears in the top 10 with seven spots, bringing images like “Frozen II” to 14.92 billion minutes and “Mona” to 10.51 billion minutes. Also included on the list are “Two Brothers: A Fantastic Journey”, “Hamilton”, “Aladdin”, “Toy Story 4” and “Judopia – This City is Animal”.

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