Officials say the lie of a pizza restaurant employee led to South Australia being locked up

Officials say the lie of a pizza restaurant employee led to South Australia being locked up

When the employee of the pizza Restaurant Lied to contact tracers in South Australia, which led to an utterly severe lockout Australian State, officials said Friday.

South Australia, with a population of about 1.7 million, began a six-day lockout on Wednesday Corona virus.

At the time, authorities believed the outbreak was caused by a highly contagious virus Reuters.

Because someone told contact tracers that he had only visited the Woodville pizza bar in Adelaide for a short time, in fact he had worked several shifts at the restaurant. The novel is also said to have worked with another person with the virus.

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Woodville Pizza Bar did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Fox News.

“One of the closest contacts linked to the Woodville pizza bar was the deliberate misleading of our contact tracking team,” said South Australian Prime Minister Steven Marshall. Press conference Friday. “Their story was not included. We followed them. Now we know they lied.”

After learning the truth, Marshall announced that the lock would be removed in advance, calling the worker’s lie “disgraceful conduct.”

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“Just as we acted immediately to impose immediate restrictions to keep South Australians safe, we are going to act to elevate them sooner than previously advised,” he said.

A Woodville pizza bar employee lied to contact tracers about working at a restaurant, which led to a statewide lockout in South Australia, officials said Friday. (Photo by Kelly Barnes / Getty Images)

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“To say I care about this person’s actions is an absolute understatement,” Marshall later said. “The selfish activities of this person have plunged our entire state into a very difficult situation. His actions have affected businesses, individuals, and family groups, which are completely unacceptable.”

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Stevens said the employee will not be charged or fined for lying, despite the impact on the state.

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“People need to provide information on demand to the Emergency Management Act,” Stevens said “There is no penalty for failing to answer those questions truthfully.”

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