Ohio State Buckeyes to resume operations after suspended due to COVID-19

Ohio State Buckeyes to resume operations after suspended due to COVID-19

Ohio State hopes to play team action in Michigan State this weekend on Tuesday.

Fourth-ranked Buckies suspended Friday night action and canceled Saturday’s game in Illinois, following an increase in COVID-19 cases on the show. Ohio State has not released a specific number of those who have tested positive, although Coach Ryan Day is one of them who will not be a live coach if the Michigan State Games take place on Saturday in East Lansing, Michigan.

Ohio State (4-0) will play against Michigan this week and next week to reach the minimum of six games needed to qualify for the Big Ten Championship. On November 21, the Buckeyes topped the East Division and holds the tiebreaker over top Challenger Indiana after beating the 12th ranked Hosiars 42-35. If the Big Ten does not cancel 12 of its remaining 14 games, six games must reach at least the December 19 title game in Indianapolis.

Defensive line coach Larry Johnson will take over the leadership training duties for the Buckeyes on Saturday.

On Saturday, group physician Dr. Jim Porchers said Ohio State, which has “basically had no Govt-19 cases” all season, saw an increase in early positive tests Wednesday and exceeded the Big Ten limit for population positive rates after Friday’s results.

The group declined to disclose specific numbers or names of those who tested positive, saying all of the players, coaches and support staff on its 170-member Tier 1 joint team were affected. Athletics Director Jean Smith on Saturday cited an increase in COVID-19 cases around Columbus and Franklin County in Ohio. Decisions to cancel and suspend the proceedings were made within the University because the State of Ohio had exceeded only one of the two positive ratio criteria for Big Ten, which would have forced the project to be suspended and suspended for seven days.

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“We know where we are now,” Smith said Saturday. “We need to see if there are more young people who have been negative. Our goal is to make sure they’re all safe and healthy, but if we can play, make sure we’re going to East Lansing, we’m going on a clean plane, we’m a We ‘re going to play on a clean field. “

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