Ohio State College Football Playoff, Big Ten Championship hopes will be in balance after the Buckies’ second game is canceled

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Even in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic, Ohio State’s year-round hard work has focused on the goal of competing for the trophies.

Now, even though the Buckies have not lost a game this season, they will need some luck and / or the grace of a team to ensure those chances exist.

Because the state of Ohio exists now Two games have been canceled this season, The Buckies will be ineligible to play in the Big Ten Championship game unless one of their final two regular season games is played. With Ohio State currently suspending all football team activities, the other Big Ten teams (Wisconsin and Maryland) have missed several games to suspend team action, with next week’s game against Michigan looking like this even at risk.

If the average number of games played throughout the Big Ten is not less than six – up to now, the average number of games is still above seven – even if Ohio State plays less, Big Ten East’s place in the conference title game will be the only unbeaten team in the East to play six regular season games, moving to another team. .

The Big Ten Championship Game weekend will make Ohio State even more eligible to play the extra game as Big Ten plans to play all 14 teams that weekend – and this will mean competition with Wisconsin, Badgers are now ineligible For a conference championship game berth after three games have been canceled – but it will cost the Buckeys an opportunity to defend their conference title for the fourth year in a row.

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Of course, Ohio State’s ultimate goal for the 2020 season is not just to win another Big Ten championship, but a national championship. Even if the Buckeyes did not compete for a conference title, that goal would still be on the table. But now that Ohio State only has a maximum of seven games to play this season, the question of whether winning all of its games is enough to create a college football playoff is becoming increasingly real.

College football playoffs do not set a minimum number of games for a team to qualify for the playoffs this year, so this is good news for the state of Ohio. The selection committee also said that its goal is to select the four best teams in college football no matter how many games they have played. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be a factor yet.

“It could happen, it could affect a lot of games, but we have not identified an absolute number on which to stay,” selection committee chairman Gary Barta said Tuesday after the release of this year’s initial CFP rankings. “We want to select the top 25 teams based on their ability. Depending on the way they play, of course the number of games we can watch is going to play at least a few factors.”

Until Ohio State loses a game, many will look to the Buckeyes as one of the most championship-capable teams in college football this year, which is why they finished fourth in the initial CFP rankings despite playing only four. Games this season. But is a 4-0 record enough to keep Ohio State in the top four for another week, or two more weeks if the Michigan state game doesn’t happen? If not, will the 6-0 win over Michigan and Ohio State play their final Big Ten game enough to get the Buckeyes back?

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Since the events of this college football season are completely unprecedented, one can only guess how the selection committee views Ohio State’s lack of games, but this will not help the reason for the bucks that Indiana is still the only bucks team. Have played with a successful record. Nor does it help that the Buckeyes may now miss the opportunity to play in the Northwest in the Big Ten Championship game – especially if the Northwest wins, it will be difficult for the team to justify choosing Ohio State over the Northwest. The Wild Gates lost, played more games and won the conference title.

All of these are beyond the control of the state of Ohio, so all buckies can now try their best to avoid future COVID-19 outbreaks – which are, quite frankly, often out of their control – so focus on playing later as well as being able to still play in any game. Winning is certainly the only way to the Ohio State Playoffs, and the rest of its games may have to be won interestingly, so the Buckeyes (all players who tested positive this week will be abbreviated to at least the regular season. 21 days sidelined) will have no chance of getting any chance of winning a championship again this year To be paid.

There would be no tougher pill to swallow than the loss of the chance to compete for the championship due to something other than a loss on the field.

The state of Ohio had already faced that opportunity when they decided to postpone the Big Ten football season in August – one reason why the Buckeyes are where they are now, as Start went without any room for them in early October. Review games you can’t play. Now, instead of the Big Ten presidents and presidents, the chances of competing for a championship are in the hands of a 13-member selection committee, and what they can do on the field, and become one of the best teams in their country, will be enough to give them that chance even if the chances of proving themselves out quickly .

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