Old Samsung smartphone? Now you can recycle it in other functions

Samsung Galaxy Upcycling smartphones dispositivos reciclar

Over time, smartphones lose their capabilities and become obsolete. This is unfortunately a normal process, and it leads to the fact that these can not be accumulated and used in other functions or tasks in a normal and direct way.

Samsung is aware of this problem, so it has developed the Galaxy Ucycling at Home program, which allows these smartphones to be recycled to new tasks. It will come in update form and give new life to all the old devices.

Samsung wants to recycle smartphones

Samsung was the latest event to be announced at CES 2021 A novelty was revealed For your Galaxy Line smartphones. Contrary to the norm, it is not dedicated to the latest smartphones, but to the older ones, which many do not use.

With the Galaxy Upcycling at Home project, the Korean brand wants to give a new life to these smartphones. He understands that in increasingly important areas, new features will be given and they can be converted into IoT devices.

Galaxy Upcycling at Home is a new opportunity

Despite the many possibilities, Samsung focused on 2 or 3 features within the home. We talked earlier about how these smartphones can be used as baby monitors and detect crying and interact with other devices.

Another area similar to the process is tracking pets. Again, owners can track their pets using the sound identifier that uses AI to understand what is being heard.

Samsung Galaxy Ucycling Smartphones Dispositive Recycler

A new life for these Samsung devices

Finally, another example that should be used for Galaxy development at home is in helping home automation. These smartphones can be used as light detectors so that they can control the lighting of the house or place.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Samsung is the best way to update and recycle a lot of devices, otherwise they will end up in the trash. Therefore, it manages to reduce the environmental footprint by giving a new life to these devices that are still usable.

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