On the edge of 72, Stevie Nicks wants to sing live.

On the edge of 72, Stevie Nicks wants to sing live.

NEW YORK (AP) — Stevie Nicks singing over the phone at 9:30 PM on Saturday.

Rock Icon is in her Los Angeles home. She has been trapped since December after finishing her “Evening with Fleetwood Mac” tour. She first arrived to relax and celebrate the holidays after spending a year on the road. However, the coronavirus was outbreak.

Trapped in the house is good and bad for Nicks. Good news? Her home is a creative oasis where all of her favorite instruments live. She spent a year recording an album in 2011. “In your dreams” With Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard.

Working from home for her current 10 months, she was able to record her new single “Show Them the Way” on Friday.

After more than 90 minutes of interviews, she sings a choir of songs and then says, “It’s beautiful.” Nicks talked interestingly about everything from her admiration for late icon and friends Tom Petty and Prince to Harry Styles and her relationship with Beyoncé.

Bad news? Nicks is 72 years old and doesn’t want to be at home when she prefers to sing live on the road.

“This pandemic is more than just a pandemic to me. This is stealing what I think is my last youth,” Nicks told the AP. “I only take 10 years for this to go away. There are places to go, people to sing, and albums to make. As every day passes, it seems to take this time away from me. I think it’s the hardest thing for me.”

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“I have a lot of friends who are 60 years old and they say’Oh, I’m too old, I’m 60′. I’m aware that the world’s violins are playing for you. When you turn 72, you’ll be really grateful at 60. ‘” she continued. “I don’t think the world is really lagging behind solving this problem. It seems people think they are really magically disappearing. You only need a few people who don’t wear a mask. Let one person catch it from you. It’s like an endless story. ‘Will it really disappear by the end of 2021?

“Will it be safe to walk to Madison Square Garden next year?” I don’t know if it will be,” she said.

Nicks wants to satisfy the fans he usually meets in person on tours with his new concert film. “Stevie Nicks 24 Karat Gold The Concert.” It was recorded over two days during her 2016-17 “24 Carat Gold” tour and is available on October 21st and 25th at select theaters and drive-ins. The concert’s CD and digital album will be released on October 30th.

“As I started to understand that this COVID incident wasn’t a joke, I said,’Well, you know what? This is actually closest to going to a big, big concert that wasn’t new in 1977,” Nicks said. “It’s new and fantastic.”

The only time she left her West Coast home was editing a film in Chicago. She took home a private jet on a golf course that had been empty for a while, spent a month there, and edited several hours of footage to create a 140-minute film.

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“They cannot do without me. I wouldn’t allow it,” Nicks said. “We’ve done everything. It was very fun. We were really safe.”

But at the end of the trip, Nicks got caught in his snow and fractured his knee. “I was like screaming when I just turned quickly through the air to see a gravel driveway coming towards my face. So I leaned down and didn’t hold onto myself. Thanks to the strong tambourine arm, it was able to prevent even more severe crashes. It was a really bad fall, but it’s okay.

“It was hard to get better,” she continued. “A few years ago, my left knee was hurt really badly. I dealt with it and fixed it. … I really got it and broke it where it’s all better. I’m pretty much better now,” she said.

In addition to making her concert films and recording “Show Them the Way”, Nicks was busy in a house that was creative in the past. “Another famous rock and roll star that will not be mentioned sent me a song. He wants me to sing,” she said.

“Show Them the Way” arrived on Friday, but Nicks said the song came to her in 2008 when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were competing for the Democratic presidential nomination. In a dream, Nicks said Dr. It is performing with political benefits including Martin Luther King Jr., John Lennon, John Lewis, John F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy.

Dave Grohl plays the drums in a new song produced by Greg Kurstin (Sia, Adele, Beck). Cameron Crow is directing the music video.

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“This song is really a prayer. This song is a prayer for people to unite. A prayer for people to get together,” Nicks said.

“I didn’t realize it until the last few days. The chorus was written in a week or so,” she continued.

“Chorus, I can sing for you. ‘God show them the way / I ask God on this day / All souls give us strength / If you really want, peace will come / I save us over time / God please, Oh god please, show them the way. ‘”

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