One of the best games of 2020 is approaching the Xbox Game Pass

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A Microsoft Continues to work on updating and promoting the list Xbox Game Boss. Now, the company plans to add one of the highlights of 2020 to the service for subscribers.

As stated in it Comic book, The Xbox Era has released a new rumor that the Xbox Game Boss is getting ready to welcome Hades into its library soon.

“Hades is a god-like dungeon crawler that combines the best features of the supergiant’s critically acclaimed titles, including Boston’s quick action, transistor’s rich atmosphere and depth, and Byr’s characteristic story.”, Suggests the game description.

“As the immortal prince of the underworld, you will use the mythical powers and weapons of Olympus to free yourself from the clutches of the dead gods, while at the same time strengthening and unraveling the story in each unique escape attempt.”, Completed.

The veracity of the information is not yet known, so players and subscribers to the Microsoft service will have to wait for the company’s prestigious official announcement.

Font: Comicbook / Tyler Fisher

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