One of the first third-party Maxafe battery packs for the iPhone 12 is now available to order

One of the first third-party Maxafe battery packs for the iPhone 12 is now available to order

We are eagerly awaiting the development of new types of Maxoff accessories for third party subsidiaries iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. Last month we Shared a comment describing Ideas for a MagSafe battery pack to replace chunky battery cases and the like. Now, we begin to see the real products being revived. Charge faster Introduced One of the first Maxoff power banks.

Charging Fast Maxoff Power Bank is advertised as having 15W wireless charging and 20W charging capacity when connected to a device via a cable. The battery charges via USB-C.

Like the MagSafe Wallet, you can carry this battery on the back of your iPhone 12 or even the top of your iPhone 12 case. It is available in three colors: blue, green and gray. Its design clearly resembles a steel luggage case and looks very sleek.

Make sure there are more battery components like this, and we should note that this particular battery is not approved by Apple. So your mileage may vary, but as I mentioned earlier this is the first MaxSafe battery I could find. Its price On Charge Fast’s website. 89.99, But is currently on sale for $ 54.99.

It remains to be seen whether Apple has the official battery case parts for the iPhone 12 line, and whether they will incorporate MaxFace into those accessories.

Update to EST at 10:20 pm on 12/23

List for homogeneous product Detected on AliExpress. OEM appears to be the company that makes the power pack. Their list includes additional information such as 5000 mAh capacity and other technical details that may surprise readers. They offer accessories at a significantly lower price.

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