Opening of a new ecological museum in Cannes with submerged masks – world

Opening of a new ecological museum in Cannes with submerged masks - world

British activist and sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor continues to flood the ocean with its fascinating sculptures. After an underwater museum in the Maldives and another in Lanzarote, the artist opened his first installation in the Mediterranean.

Its new underwater museum opened in Cannes, France on February 1 and features a series of six monumental three-dimensional portraits, each measuring over two meters high and ten tons in weight. Six residents of the French town were the inspiration for the facial features that the British artist modeled.

The sculptures were placed at a depth of between two and three meters and rest in areas of white sand, among the seagrass near the island of Sainte-Marguerite. The project was funded by the municipality and took more than four years to develop.

Made from a sustainable material (neutral pH), the sculptures will contribute to the reproduction of the underwater flora and fauna, because, over time, algae, shells and corals will cover the pieces, integrating them into the marine ecosystem. . In the interest of respecting the environment, the mooring of ships in the area, located at a distance of between 84 and 132 meters from the coast, was prohibited and only diving was allowed.

The theme of the sculptures evokes the image of the mysterious Man in the Iron Mask – who was trapped on the island – and pays homage to cinema, intrinsically linked to Cannes cultural life.

To visit the museum, it is not mandatory to be a diving specialist and access is free.

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