Operating They did not want me to run, and then I could not even step …

Operating They did not want me to run, and then I could not even step ...

The former FC Porto striker, who retired from the pitch last season, spoke to the Colombian press section of the injury trial he experienced in the final stages of his life.

Jackson Martinez, who previously retired last season from a high scorer within four lines, especially for FC Porto, has been sidelined with a number of injuries. The former striker, in an interview with Primer Talk, recalled the worst moments of his life.

The former Colombian striker began claiming an experience at Atletico de Madrid in 2015 when he switched from FC Porto to the icon of the Spanish capital. Jackson proved the diagnostic error made with cushions.

“I was injured against Chile and I return to Atletico de Madrid. They start treating me with sprained ankle. I know I don’t have it. I already had five sprains, I know what it is, it’s not that kind of pain,” he said.

In 2016, as a result of a minor victory with the mattress jersey, Jackson Martinez left Atletico de Madrid and joined Chinese I League club Guangzhou Evergrand. However, the injury against Chile worsened and was not even treated in China.

“When I got there, at the same place I had a rough entrance and almost broke my leg. They didn’t want to run me, it came at a time when I could not even step foot,” Jackson Martinez continued. During an interview with Vin Sports Project.

The truth is, the former Colombian international showed similar physical weaknesses (difficulty running with his foot on the grass) when he returned to Portugal to represent Portugal in the 2018/19 season.

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