Optimize IP comes to Luxembourg with a SICAV in its own name

Pedro Lino Optimize

The national DNA funds that settled in Luxembourg have been observed in some analyzes, for example in relation to finance, which is found National companies are increasingly favored in registering funds in this valuable European square. An example of this is the recently developed movement by investment partners Upgrade IP SICAV, Precisely with a seat in Luxembourg.

A movement was finalized before 2021, according to the company’s executive director Lino, but it started two years ago, in 2018. At the time, they hired Antbank Asset Management Luxembourg to “implement the plan.”, And, born December 28th Luxembourg Investment Fund Improves Investment Choice, In partnership with Euroconverters. It is recalled that on national soil it is already a partnership with a few years of history, and it operates in the range of funds to promote Celeco in conjunction with Protest Invest.

Therefore, as Point Pedro Lino explains, this first fund “reflects the strategy of Euroconsumer analysts with Deco Protest”. about this “Multiple asset financing, with a global scope, has been diversified It wants to keep pace with the growth of the world economy and to position itself as an alternative to the non-profit of deposits. ”

Three financial transactions

But the organization’s ambition in Luxembourg’s Grand Duchy did not stop there. “Improving active investment, improving the value of Europe and improving securities will be transferred to Luxembourg through cross-border merger action,” said Lino of Point Pedro.”, Plans for 2022 are already on the pipeline. “By 2022, we are reading about launching a new investment fund with an innovative investment philosophy, but we have not ruled out the possibility of launching a new subsidiary jointly with other national or foreign companies that want to expand its operations,” he commented.

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In the next issue of Funds People magazine, which will be published in February, you can read the full interview with Point Pedro Lino on creating an optimal IP SICAV.

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