Orca is washed up on the sand of the island in the UK

Orca is washed up on the sand of the island in the UK

An orca of around 3.5 meters was rescued after being stranded on the island of Orkney (Scotland) on Monday (4).

The images show the mammal stranded on the sand of the beach. British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR), an institution that saves marine animals in the UK, has been called in to try to save it.

Dan Jarvis, 35, a BDMLR Field Support and Welfare Development Officer who led the team during the operation, said divers were surprised to find the endangered animal a killer whale. .

“Our team were shocked to find out that this animal was a killer whale as it was originally reported as a dolphin. We have not had many killer whales visiting the UK coast and as such a stranding incident alive is extremely rare, ”he told The Daily. Star.

The team believe the animal has four to five years to live. During the rescue, which lasted about an hour, BDMLR used equipment to monitor the killer whale’s heart rate, as well as a dolphin stretcher.

“First aid measures, such as placing the animal neatly and comfortably supported, keeping it moist, and timing breathing rhythms, were all used during the assessment,” Jarvis reported.

With the help of the islanders and the rescue team, the whale was able to return to sea when the tide rose.

“Once the animal was deemed fit and strong enough to float again, a specialized dolphin stretcher was used under the animal to properly support it as the water rose around it, until it was ‘it is deep enough to swim. freely, at which point it took off strongly towards the sea, ”concluded the head of the operation.

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