Oregon ducks will be without many tight ends, nosebleed against Washington state

Oregon ducks will be without many tight ends, nosebleed against Washington state

Eugene – Oregon will be without many tight ends, and its No. 2 nose will tackle again this week.

Bobo Amawe, Cam McCormick, Spencer Webb and Hunter Campmoir missed Saturday’s season opener against Stanford for unreleased reasons. Both McCormick and Webb were known to be recovering from injury last week, and Amawe announced he would be out before the game.

“They won’t be available this week either,” said Oregon coach Mario Cristobal. “We’ll go with whatever we can roll.”

The fourth string tight end is DJ. Johnson, who moved from offensive defense in the spring to offense, had five catches for 55 yards and a touchdown on Saturday.

“The DJ was a guy with a transition, who had to come in and learn a new crime just like everyone else,” said attack coordinator Joe Moorehead. “Just the itch and the nail, and when he got the chance at camp, he did some plays. His number was called. I think he progressed in a big way. I thought he was a good game.”

Johnson and Walk-on Cooper Schultz were the only tight end for the Oregon team against Stanford. Cristobal finished coach Bobby Williams tight for preparing the whole team.

“Cooper is tough. Cooper is smart. Cooper is young, ”said Cristobal. “His eyes were big when he got there, he’s been big until now; it’s not big for him, and he’s really proud of him. The way things worked out allowed him so much effort – because the player always deserves all the credit – then working with processor-wise coach Bobby Williams got ready to play him and he played a good game.

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“I have faith in both of them. We hope to be healthy later, but we will wait and see later in the week. ”

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