Orge George said that Jesus was the best coach in the world and that he invented football

Orge George said that Jesus was the best coach in the world and that he invented football

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On the left back of Flamenco praises the Portuguese coach, with whom he worked on “Mengio”.

Philip Louis George, the left-back of Flamenco, has praised Jesus on many occasions and never failed to do so. Now in an interview with the newspaper “O Globo”, Brazil highlights the “excessive collection” of the Portuguese coach who made history under the technical command of “Mengio”.

“George Jesus was so complete, he was like that: Team 4x4x2 played in front with Capigol and Bruno Henrique, Arasquita and Everton Ribeiro inside, three out with Arrow, I went upstairs … I told him it was four seconds, but Sessions. [Jesus dizia] When the ball goes to Rafinha, Philip closes to give support inside and Kerson moves forward. “Ah, well, Rafinha went downstairs. Is that it?” [perguntavam]. No, who enters that area? Bruno Henrique, Arasquita, Capigol and Ribeiro go inside. Philip Lewis and Pablo Mari will name the attackers, and Willian Ario will compensate Rabinha [explicava Jesus]. All this at an exorbitant fee “, he explained.

“If Rafinha had to cross, it would have been an extraordinary condemnation if I had not hit the right wing! If Kerson went out to press and did not follow the last line, he would have charged the video,” he admitted. , But it’s “it’s so good”.

“He paid more attention to the details and talked about every procedure every day. He said he was the best coach in the world and he invented football. It was more or less the player wants to hear this. He’s arrogant, it could even be … without the flamenco player But the person who was there said, “Isn’t he really good?” What does he know? “Perhaps he was very careful, detailed and very coaching,” he concluded.

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