Orio finally releases gluten-free cookies

Orio finally releases gluten-free cookies
Orio will release gluten-free versions of its traditional and dual stuff cookies early next year. Own brand Mondelus (MDLZ), Announced the message in a tweet, “Milks’ favorite cookie is now in the gluten-free version. Coming in January 2021.”

The company says that gluten-free cookies are permanently available wherever the original Orios is sold.

“By adding a new line, Orio invites gluten intolerant or gluten sensitive snacks to enjoy our cookies as well,” one representative said.

The company said it focused on ensuring that the recipe provided a “snack experience comparable to the original recipe”.

Cookies have been approved and certified by the Gluten intolerance group of North America. This means the gluten-free label on each pack will be clear.

Orio fans took to Twitter to hear the news. Some responded directly to Orio’s tweet sharing the news.

“I ran fast from my room to show my mom that Orio has released a green free Orio,” said Twitter user Bailey Cambra. .

Another Twitter user, 3 n3 Dublin, tweeted, “Gluten-free Oreos are coming out in January 2021, so I’m more confident about this year.”

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