Ovibeja 2021 has been canceled and marked with a two-day virtual exhibition

Ovibeja 2021 has been canceled and marked with a two-day virtual exhibition

“eEven if you know the importncia It refers to agriculture and everything Activities The organizing committee is obliged to recognize the 37th status of the economic and social aspects of the region, and even the country Ovipeja In the traditional way “, says a note sent to Lusa.

However, the document states that it was “decided to mark the date” two days a month by communicating a reasonable form “in a modern form” and using information technology. April.

Show Ovipeja ‘Digital’ is still ‘under construction’, but ‘exhibitors are not sure whether or not Performances“And, as defined by the National Health Authority” must always take place in “mixed form” online and in person in accordance with health and safety standards.

One event that did not stop happening, for example, was the 10th edition of the International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition, which the organizing committee said was “going to be one of the most valued in the world” without mentioning the axes, but insists that he already “gets samples of olive oil” by the 19th. March.

Also, with Objective “To Stir Debate and Debate among Farmers and Livestock Producers, Students and Political Researchers”, 37th Edition Ovipeja Organizes various online conferences Areas Related Department.

“Agriculture, Livestock, Climate Change and Biodiversity, Olive grove and irrigation and fresh PAC [Política Agrícola Comum]“Some of the themes promised by the organization, it wants to hold an attractive fair for all ages.

“Young people connected to agriculture will be challenged to approach their technical skills (practical and theoretical) and approaches, both in person and through the‘ net ’. Collaboration, Risk Management, Organizational, Leadership and Sharing Capacity “, the company declares.

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A Ovipeja Southern Farmers Association (ACOS), Which has approximately 2,000 members and provides “full-purpose services.” Department Agriculture, Livestock and Forestry “.

“It simply came to our notice then Design What is being done in this field, how it is being done, encouraging the sharing of experiences and knowledge and contributing to the visibility of ‘all Allendez in this world’ is being used as a slogan for a judgment.

You 2020, a Ovipeja, Which was scheduled to run between 29 April And 03 d May, Canceled March, A few days after the first announcement Prison The general purpose is to stop progress International spread of Govt-19.

At that time, all scheduled events, including the International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Contest, were canceled.

In Portugal, 9,246 people died in 566,958 cases Infection Issued by Govt-19 Confirmed, according to the most recent bulletin Direction-Public health.

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