Pac-12 clarifies how five Oregon ducks tested positive for COVID-19 can return to practice and play.

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Eugene — Five Oregon soccer players who test positive for COVID-19 through a rapid antigen test can then return to practice and play if they later test negative through a more sensitive and accurate PCR test.

A Pac-12 spokesperson conducted a PCR test within 24 hours after clarifying how athletes could return to activity after testing for positive antigens.

Oregon canceled its second fall camp screenage on Saturday due to five antigen tests. According to the UO Athletics Statement, it is “in-program”. According to the University of Oregon’s COVID-19 data dashboard, all five cited the Physical Education department and said they were all students.

All five of the UO athletics were “asymptomatic, in isolation and under medical monitoring.” Dux’s coach Mario Cristobal said the entire team will be retested on Sunday according to standard protocols, and the five who tested positive will undergo PCR testing to confirm the original results.

A spokesman for Pac-12 told The Oregonian / OregonLive, “If the PCR is negative, the player can resume the daily antigen test cadence and return to the game.” “If PCR is positive, it will remain in a’positive check’ state. This and all other protocols are subject to more restrictive local public health requirements.”

According to an LCPH spokesperson, the Lane County Public Health and Oregon Health Authority’s guidelines also consider a person who tested positive for antigens, but negative for PCR, as pure negative.

Cases confirmed positive by PCR testing should be isolated by individuals for at least 10 days. “Or until all symptoms have been resolved and then returned to the game,” a conference spokesperson said. It can also perform cardiac examinations, including cardiac MRI, and requires approval from the team physician according to the protocol specified in the Pac-12 Student-Athlete Health and Well-Being Initiative.

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A spokesman for Pac-12 said that athletes who were confirmed positive did not need a negative PCR test before returning to practice and competition after isolation and resolution of symptoms and clearance by the team doctor.

Contact tracking is coordinated locally with campus and public health officials.

“If a person has had high-risk contact with an infected person (as determined through an applicable contact tracking protocol), the individual is quarantined for 14 days (if symptoms develop or tests are positive, quarantine procedures should be followed). Pac-12 According to the spokesperson.

The Dux is set to kick off his football season against Stanford at home on November 7, 2020.

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