Paleontologists find first dinosaur remains in Ireland | Paleontology

Paleontologists find first dinosaur remains in Ireland |  Paleontology

Paleontologists have unearthed fossil remains of two Jurassic dinosaur species in the Go Antrim in Northern Ireland. These are the first dinosaur remains reported from anywhere in Ireland and from the most western countries in Europe.

Scelidosaurus harrisonii. Image Credit: John Sibick.

“This is a very significant discovery,” said Dr. Mike Sims, observer and archaeologist at the Department of Natural Sciences at the National Museums in Northern Ireland.

“The biggest rarity of such fossils is that most of the rocks in Ireland are of the wrong age, too old or too young for dinosaurs, so it is not possible to confirm the presence of dinosaurs on this shore.”

The two fossil bones were discovered by the late Roger Byrne, a schoolteacher and fossil collector, who donated several fossils to the Ulster Museum.

“The fossils discovered by Roger Byrne may have been washed into the sea, alive or dead, they were sunk in the Jurassic Sea, they were buried,” Dr. Sims said.

At first it was thought that the fossils came from the same animal, but Dr. Sims and colleagues were surprised to find that they came from two completely different dinosaurs.

One four-legged plant-eater’s femur (upper leg bone) Skeletosaurus.

The other is part of the two-legged meat eater’s tibia (lower leg bone) Sarcosorus.

Dr. Sims with the leg of the sarcosurus on the left and the femur of the schizophrenia on the right.  Image Credit: National Museums Northern Ireland.

Dr. Sims in Tibia Sarcosorus Left and femur Skeletosaurus Right side. Image Credit: National Museums Northern Ireland.

“When we examined the shape and internal structure of the bones, we realized that they belonged to two very different animals,” said Dr. Robert Smith, a geologist at the School of Ecology, Geography and Geography at the University of Portsmouth.

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“One is very dense and strong, common to the armor plant eater.”

“The other is slender, with thin skeletal walls and features found only on fast-moving two-legged predatory dinosaurs.”

“Despite the fragmentation, these fossils provide valuable insights into the most important period of dinosaur evolution about 200 million years ago,” he said.

“This is when dinosaurs really begin to dominate the world’s terrestrial ecosystems.”

Skeletosaurus It’s still in the oceans, and I’m beginning to think it’s a sea animal, maybe today it can eat sponges like sea iguanas, ”said David Martil, a professor at the School of Environment, Geography and Geography at the University of Portsmouth.

The Findings Posted in Activities of the Association of Geographers.


Michael J. Sims And others. The first dinosaur comes from Ireland. Activities of the Association of Geographers, Published online November 11, 2020; doi: 10.1016 / j.pgeola.2020.06.005

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